Bryant Evolution™ 98 Variable-Speed Modulating Gas Furnace 987M


Simply the most advance residential furnace on the market!  True modulation, ECM, EnergyStar Evolution furnace provides highest level of comfort, efficiency and technology for those who want the best for the home.

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High efficiency

AFUE up to 98.3% efficient. Precise modulation ensures you only use the gas you need to maintain your desired temperature. The furnace continuously adjusts in 1 degree increments to maintain it. Combined with the communicating technology inside, this gives you the highest energy efficiency plus the greatest comfort.

Most precise control

The 987m gas furnace is even better with the Connex thermostat for more precise temperature control. Comfort is at your fingertips with an easy to use thermostat that can communicate with and manage your whole comfort system. Manage humidity, ventilation, zoning and coordinate between components of your heating and air conditioning system for maximum efficiency. User friendly, the touch screen design has intelligent energy management features, but is easy to read, and doesn’t require an advanced degree to figure out.

Most quiet, comfortable and even

The top of the line burner that provides maximum comfort since your home will stay within 0.5° of your targeted temperature setting. In addition, the gradual fluxuation (rather than a harsh on/off) of the gas flame increases comfort and energy savings. The modulating gas valve in the furnace operates in a 40% to 100% range for precise control over the temperature and gas use

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